CAP support should be maintained as compensating income also in the future

From 29th – 31st May Parliamentary Secretary of Ministry of Agriculture of Latvia Mr. Ringolds Arnītis will participate in informal meeting of the Council of Ministers for Agriculture in the Netherlands where the Dutch Presidency of the EU Council intends to initiate discussion on future of Common Agriculture Policy (hereinafter- CAP) post 2020.


“We will continue to emphasize that for the next planning period it is necessary to ensure fair and equal conditions of competiveness for all EU farmers, thus finally ensuring average direct payment level for Latvian farmers” states Parliamentary Secretary of Latvian Ministry of Agriculture Mr. Arnītis. He accentuates that before starting the discussion of CAP future it is necessary to discuss how CAP is currently ensuring its objectives and what changes in policy are needed in order to secure their fulfilment also in future.


 “CAP support should be maintained as compensating income also in the future. Meanwhile the future CAP support measures should be more flexible in order to take into account specific circumstances of Member States. We have more than once ascertained ourselves that unified support instruments do not solve individual Member States’ problems and are often unsuitable for specific practices” emphasizes Mr.Arnītis. 


Also the future CAP objectives should be directed to providing the society with safe and quality food, while ensuring sustainable management and preservation of natural resources and balanced territorial development. Therefore Ministry of Agriculture is of opinion that it is very important to strengthen farmer’s role in food chain as well as raise added value of the product.


It is necessary to provide EU level support for cooperation in all stages - from production of primary agriculture products till processing and marketing, providing also support for establishing of retail shops. We also have to seek for new options and ways of support to promote international cooperation in order to strengthen farmer’s and food producer’s cooperation also in EU level.


Latvia is aware that in future the CAP will need to give even greater contribution towards transfer to methods of sustainable agriculture and climate change relevant adaptation methods. Meanwhile we have to keep in mind that the primary role of agriculture is to provide people with safe and affordable food.
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