In May 2015, Latvia will celebrate the 11th anniversary since accession to the European Union. This will be a significant event, as in the first half of 2015 Latvia will hold the Presidency of the European Union Council. Latvia will assume such honor and responsibility for the first time in its history, and I will not deny it, we are looking forward to the next year with excitement and a great sense of responsibility.


The time period when Latvia is the Presiding State of the European Council will not be simple, in terms of foreign policy and domestic policy either. Innovations in the Common Agricultural and the Common Fisheries Policy, newly-elected European Parliament and the European Commission, newly-elected Saeima and the new government in Latvia, new tasks and objectives will test our ability to collaborate with all other 27 Member States. I am convinced that we will manage to cooperate constructively and come to decisions satisfying all the Member States. We will accomplish it together!


Jānis Dūklavs, the Minister of Agriculture


Minister of Agriculture of Latvia Mr. Jānis Dūklavs Curriculum Vitae