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Lauku atbalsta dienests

Service name

Aid for breeding activities in the dairy sector

Aid for breeding in the beef production sector

Aid for breeding in the pig farming sector

Aid for breeding in horse farming sector

Aid for breeding in the sheep farming sector

Aid for breeding in the goat farming sector

Aid for collecting, transporting, processing, and disposing of animal corpses

Aid for preparing and using high-quality seed

Single area payment (SAPS)

Aid for producer organisations in the fishery sector

Support for investments in agricultural holdings

Support for investments in processing

Brīvprātīgs saistītais atbalsts par slaucamām govīm

Brīvprātīgs saistītais atbalsts par kazām

Brīvprātīgs saistītais atbalsts par liellopiem

Brīvprātīgs saistītais atbalsts par aitām

Brīvprātīgi saistītais atbalsts par proteīnaugiem

Brīvprātīgi saistītais atbalsts par cietes kartupeļiem

Brīvprātīgi saistītais atbalsts par sertificētas sēklas kartupeļiem

Brīvprātīgi saistītais atbalsts par sertificētām stiebrzāļu un lopbarības augu sēklām

Brīvprātīgi saistītais atbalsts par sertificētu labības sēklu

Brīvprātīgi saistītais atbalsts par miežiem

Brīvprātīgi saistītais atbalsts par rapsi vasaras ripsi

Brīvprātīgi saistītais atbalsts par dārzeņiem

Brīvprātīgi saistītais atbalsts par augļiem un ogām

Investments in agricultural and forestry infrastructure

Risk management

Implementation of actions under the community-led local development strategies

Community-led local development strategies

Atbalsts ražotāju organizācijām augļu un dārzeņu sektorā


Fertilization plan

Milk and fruit for school

Aid for the collection, transportation and processing of animal by-products

Phytosanitary Measures compensation

Fishing ports, landing sites, auction halls and shelters

Productive investments in aquaculture

Processing of fishery and aquaculture products

Marketing measures


Support for investments in the creation, improvement or expansion of all types of small scale infrastructure, including investments in renewable energy and energy saving.

The local action group operation and territory development

Fishing fleet modernization


Control and enforcement

Cūkgaļas privātā uzglabāšana

Refunds of infectious animal diseases

Professional training and skills acquisition actions

Support for the design and implementation of conservation measures and regional cooperation

Management, relief and advisory services for aquaculture farms

Vājpiena pulvera realizācija

Representation in court

Web Map Service

Support for new products, methods, processes and technologies

Support for agricultural productivity and sustainability of agricultural productivity and sustainability project implementation working groups

Latvijas Veterinārārstu biedrība

Service name

Receiving a certificate of veterinary practice

Pārtikas un veterinārais dienests

Service name

Registration an recognition of a veterinary surveillance object

Registration and recognition of a food distribution company

Phytosanitary border control

Border control of animal feed of plant origin

Border control for food safety

Receiving a veterinary pharmaceutical operating license

Animal carrier permit

Permit / certificate of compliance for vehicles intended for animal transport

Registration and recognition of animal feed objects

A veterinary (health) certificate for animal origin products, live animals and non-food products

Laboratory recognition of raw milk quality control

Registration of dietary supplements that are manufactured in third countries and have not been placed on the market in countries of the European Economic Zone until now

Making changes to dietary supplements registered in the PVD Dietary Supplements Register

Assessment and preparation of the initial assessment report for new food

Border control of non-food product safety

Border control of plant protection product compliance

Border control of hop quality

Border control assessment of the compliance of fresh fruit and vegetables according to quality and classification requirements

Border control of compliance of plant seed material

Control of compliance of reproductive forest material

Border control of animal feed

Permit for sale of raw milk in small amounts to end users or for retail

Permit for sale of eggs in small amounts to end users or for retail

Registration of an animal cemetery

Receiving permit for the distribution of natural mineral water

Assessment of dietary food compliance and registration in the database

Listing of veterinary service providers, who have declared working with narcotic/psychotropic drugs

Permit for obtaining veterinary drugs directly from the wholesaler

Permit for the use of animals in procedures

Registration of a business for materials intended for contact with food and product circulation

Registration of veterinary drugs

Re-registration of veterinary drugs

Making changes in veterinary drug registration documents

Notification on the side effects of veterinary drugs

Assessment of product compliance for definition of veterinary drugs

Issuing permits for parallel import of veterinary drugs and distribution of unregistered veterinary drugs in Latvia

Issuing permits for distribution of remaining stock of veterinary drugs

Issuing a certificate for good manufacturing practice of veterinary drugs

Veterinary border control

Produktu sertifikācija nacionālajā pārtikas kvalitātes shēmā

Veterinārmedicīnisko pakalpojumu sniedzēja un veterinārmedicīniskās prakses iestādes reģistrācija

Atļauja par izmēģinājuma projektu atbildīgajai personai

Animal shelter or hotel registration

Domestic (pet) animal specialist trade location registration

Valsts augu aizsardzības dienests

Service name

Review of plant protection products distributed by electronic submission

Agrochemical Research Electronic submission of application

Crop fertilization plan summary electronic submission

Receiving a phytosanitary inspection certificate and issue of export and re-export certificates

Issuing permits for the use of conventional vegetatively propagated material and seeds in organic farming

Inclusion of information on available organic seed and vegetatively propagated material

Registration in the integrated cultivation of agricultural products register

Registration in the Seed Growers and Traders Register, amendments to or removal from it

Registration of plants and plant products in circulation subject to phytosanitary control in the involved party register or removal from it

Registration in the wood packaging material marker register or removal from it

Issuing permits to a registered person for preparation of plant passports and labels

Assessment of compliance for receiving plant passports and labels, and issue of plant passports, labels, and surrogate passports

Inclusion of information about the spread of invasive plant species in the Crop monitoring state information system

Sampling and analysis of soil, seed, or planting material

Deciding on further action with a plant protection product which has expired

Inspection of seed growing fields

Seed quality assessment in a laboratory

Registration of fertilizers

Registration of mechanical mixture fertilizers prepared in Latvia

Issuing permits for implementation and sale of a specific batch of registered fertilizers

Issuing permits for testing and registration for sale of respective batches of imported fertilizer

Issuing permits for import of fertilizers for testing and registration

Issuing permits for import of unregistered fertilizer for tests and studies of effectiveness

Issuing permits for sale of registered fertilizers, if test results show noncompliance with the quality declared in the register

Acceptance of application for record of fertilizer labeled "EC fertilizer"

Plant protection products user license

Permit for import or sale of a fertilizer not mentioned in regulatory enactments

Special permit (license) for the distribution of plant protection products in the issuance of renewal or cancellation

Notification of the fertiliser

The declaration for phytosanitary control

Submission of information on the marketing of fertilisers produced and imported

Valsts meža dienests

Service name

Proof of tree felling in the forest

Reforestation quality test

Permit foreign hunter to hunt Latvian territory (one day or up to 10 days or the entire hunting season)

Permission to export hunting trophies from the Latvian

Preparation of the opinion stands biological value (such as specially protected forest compartments assessment and expert opinion preparation for the establishment of micro-reserves or cancellation)

Opinion stands as unproductive

Game animals re-record or kontroluzskaite

Excursions in the forest and forest education trails, natural and historical objects

Hunter's practical exam shooting a smoothbore hunting gun

Afforestation quality test

Iestigotas area check for the forest owner or lawful possessor request

Of information, and a special selection of data and processing in digital form (including programming and data selection time, data processing, and handling)

Information about the cutting of trees in the forest's registration

Changes in the State Register of Forests data for the forest owner or lawful possessor request

Young stand-care inspection

Hunting permit wolf or lynx hunting

Hunting permit elk, red deer, wild boar, roe deer hunting

Hunting drivers theory exam

Hunter's seasonal card issuance

Forest inventory data registration

Forest health check at his request

Forest and forest land evaluation cadastral value of land and forest stand value through State Forest Register actualized data

Forest basic material certification and registration of the State Forest Register

Forest reproductive material of an import license

Forest reproductive material, a certificate of origin

Forest reproductive material supplier registration

Forest plantation forests registration in the State Register

Hunters practical test shooting with long -vitnstobra hunting firearm

State Forest Service bathroom Opinion

Work plan

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