Organic agriculture

The sector of organic agriculture is continuously developing, involving more and more new enterprises, but the number of certified organic farms has stabilized, and in 2013 it reached 3473 farms.

The number of certified organic farms

Lately, the areas of agricultural land used by organic farms show a stable growing trend. In 2013, similar to other years, the major part of certified organic agricultural land areas and those in transition (without perennial grasses, meadows and pastures) was under cereal crops.

On organic farms, a dominant sector of animal husbandry is milk production and in 2013 it yielded 69.6 thousand tons of milk, the amount of meat has increased slightly than in the previous year (see fig. 2).

Amounts of output produced by certified organic agriculture, thsd. t

In 2013 in general, a share of organic products in the total agricultural output did not exceed 5%, except honey (13,6%) and milk production, which was 7.6%.

From the amount of marketed produce, as compared with 2012, the share of produce marketed as organic is increasing. Most of all, potatoes, honey, cereal and chicken eggs are marketed as organically produced products. To facilitate market access for organic products, in 2013 the State support for producers of primary products, treated products and processed products, who participated in the scheme of organic agriculture, was continued thus ensuring marketing of the produce in retail network.

In 2013, exports of organic grain and starch commenced to third countries - USA.