Implementation of EU Assistance Projects for FVS




European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) grant project „Piolot Project on the implementation of SSD2 in the frameof the electronictransission of harmonised data” Nr. OC/EFSA/DATA/2015/02 – CT 7

22.10.2015. – 22.03.2017

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) grant project „Implementation and testing of electronic submission in XML, Excel and CSV formats of zoonoses, antimicrobial resistance and food-borne outbreak data and updating the historical datasets ” (GP/EFSA/BIOMO/2012/01-GA2)

19.09.2012. – 18. 06.2014

Seventh Framework FoodRisC collaborative project „Food Risk Communication, perceptions and communicationof food risks/ benefits accross Europe: development of effective communication strategies.”

01.07.2010. – 30.10.2013.

Pilot project on the implementation of FoodEx2 as part of the Standard Sample Description for the electronic transmission of harmonised chemical occurrence data to EFSA

02.07.2012. – 13.03.2013.

EU Structural Funds Project No. DP/ “Development and implementation of E-training system to improve provided service by Food and Veterinary Service”

09. 2010 - 08. 2011.