Post-Inspection Activities

  • After the inspection, the FVS shall draw up inspection report within 10 business days, where the deficiencies found during the inspection that are classified as critical, major or other shall be indicated. The inspection report shall be sent to the manufacturer/importer together with the cover letter, which indicates the date when the manufacturer must submit the Corrective and Preventive Action Plan.


  • If the inspection report points to critical or significant deficiencies, the manufacturer /importer shall, within 5 business days after the receipt of the inspection report, submit to the FVS the Corrective and Preventive Action Plan for elimination of deficiencies, where the timeframe of the elimination of deficiencies shall be indicated.


  • After the elimination of the deficiencies, the FVS, in accordance with the procedure provided for by the Administrative Procedure Law, shall decide on the issue or refusal to issue a special permit (licence).


  • If, after the issue of the licence, additional inspections of the company are required to assess whether the deficiencies found during the previous inspection have been eliminated, the FVS shall agree with the manufacturer/importer on the time of the inspection.