Pre-notification and TRACE

Persons responsible for the load should forward the information requested in the first part of the Common Veterinary Entry Document (CVED) in advance to the BIP to which the consignments of animal products are to be submitted for veterinary checks.


Procedures on pre- notification (CVED) before the consignments physical arrival at the BIP is laid down in the Regulation (EC) No. 136/2004 on animal origin products and Regulation (EC) No 282/2004 on live animals.


Pre-notification shall be given at least one working day before the expected arrival of the animal(s) to the veterinary staff of the BIP where live animals are to be presented, specifying the number, nature and estimated time of arrival of the animals.




TRACES (TRAde Control and Expert System)  is a trans-European network for veterinary health which notifies, certifies and monitors imports, exports and trade in animals and animal products. Economic operators (private sector) and competent authorities all over the world can use this web-based network free of charge to trace back and forth animal and animal product movement.


The TRACES program can be used to search for details of legislation and models of health certificates.


TRACE user Manual




You need to register in order to use the TRACES program.  Please contact the nearest BIP in order to be registered in TRACES.


TARIC codes are incorporated in TRACE