Procedure of prior notification of import of non-animal origin food/feed in European Union

Business operators shall give a prior notification (part I of the Common Entry document (CED)) of the estimated date and time of physical arrival of the consignments (food and food contact materials) to the competent authorities at the designated point of entry (DPE) or designated point of import (DPI) and of the nature of the consignment. 


Business operators shall give CED using Trade Control and Expert System (TRACES) or send by fax or by E-mail at least one working day prior to the physical arrival of the consignment.



Questions & Answers Paper on the provisions of Commission Regulation (EC) No 669/2009 as regards the increased level of official controls on imports of certain feed and food of non-animal origin


"Guidance document for competent authorities for the control of compliance with EU legislation on aflatoxins"


Legislative acts: