Authorisation of Veterinary Medicines

The assessment of veterinary medicines has a significant role in the implementation of FVS objectives, because healthy and appropriately nursed animals need high quality, safe and efficient veterinary medicines. Meanwhile safe and harmless food must not contain prohibited residues of veterinary medicines. In the case of using veterinary medicinal products intended of the productive animals, the FVS establishes the limitation period for the use of products of animal origin in food.


Before authorisation of the veterinary medicinal products on the market, they are evaluated and registered. The principal criteria during evaluation are: quality of veterinary medicines, efficacy and safety, as well as conclusions on the risk-benefit ratio of the veterinary medicine. The decision on the registration and marketing authorisation of the veterinary medicines by the Food and Veterinary Service is made based on the results of trials submitted by the manufacturer, generally accepted opinions and new scientific conclusions and effective legal acts. 


After marketing authorisation, the FVS, in cooperation with the manufacturer of the veterinary medicine, European Medicines Agency (EMA), European Commission and competent institutions of other countries, performs the post-authorisation surveillance of veterinary medicines. The experts of the service also summarise information on the observed adverse effects of veterinary medicines and make amendments to the marketing authorisation documentation of veterinary medicines.


In accordance with the provisions of the legal acts of the European Union, the specialists of the FVS participate in the activities of the work groups of the European Medicines Agency by being actively involved in the work procedures, joint assessment of authorisation documents, determining of maximum permissible residual substances of veterinary medicines and the review of arbitration procedures. 


All documentation concerning marketing authorisation of veterinary medicinal products should be send to the following address:


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