At the meeting of the Council of Ministers for Agriculture and Fisheries the topical situation on the EU agricultural market after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will be discussed

Tuesday May 24, in Brussels, Raivis Kronbergs, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) will participate at the meeting of the Council of Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries where Member States will hold ongoing discussions on the situation on agricultural market, taking into consideration the current situation in agriculture in European Union and globally after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


The European Commission will provide information on the current situation on the market of agricultural products and food and will ask the Member States to share the topical information. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has considerably hindered global agricultural market. It has created a pressure on agricultural goods and products, for example, energy and fertilizers, necessary for agricultural production.


Nevertheless, the additional uncertainty, the EU is providing its population with agricultural products and food to full extent by producing more than the EU population is consuming. However, a sharp increase in prices and inflation is raising concerns about acceptability of prices and exactly prices of food. 

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