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State Plants Service

Service name

Review of plant protection products distributed by electronic submission

Agrochemical Research Electronic submission of application

Crop fertilization plan summary electronic submission

Issuing permits for the use of conventional vegetatively propagated material and seeds in organic farming

Inspection of seed growing fields

Receiving a phytosanitary inspection certificate and issue of export and re-export certificates

The declaration for phytosanitary control

Submission of information on the marketing of fertilisers produced and imported

Inclusion of information on available organic seed and vegetatively propagated material

Registration in the integrated cultivation of agricultural products register

Registration in the Seed Growers and Traders Register, amendments to or removal from it

Registration of plants and plant products in circulation subject to phytosanitary control in the involved party register or removal from it

Registration in the wood packaging material marker register or removal from it

Issuing permits to a registered person for preparation of plant passports and labels

Assessment of compliance for receiving plant passports and labels, and issue of plant passports, labels, and surrogate passports

Inclusion of information about the spread of invasive plant species in the Crop monitoring state information system

Sampling and analysis of soil, seed, or planting material

Deciding on further action with a plant protection product which has expired

Registration of fertilizers

Registration of mechanical mixture fertilizers prepared in Latvia

Issuing permits for implementation and sale of a specific batch of registered fertilizers

Issuing permits for testing and registration for sale of respective batches of imported fertilizer

Issuing permits for import of fertilizers for testing and registration

Issuing permits for import of unregistered fertilizer for tests and studies of effectiveness

Issuing permits for sale of registered fertilizers, if test results show noncompliance with the quality declared in the register

Acceptance of application for record of fertilizer labeled "EC fertilizer"

Authorisation for extension of the application of a registered plant protection product

Authorisation for the use of an unregistered plant protection product in studies and experiments

Authorisation for the use of a registered plant protection product for unregistered use in studies and experiments

Registration in the register of collectors of vegetable varieties

Authorisation for parallel trade of a plant protection product

Certificate for carrying out inspections of plant protection products

Decision on the recognition of an inspection of plant protection products used in another Member State of the European Union

Issue of labels certifying the testing of plant protection products

Authorisation for the training of users, user operators, sellers and consultants of plant protection products

Sampling of soil, plants and plant products for the determination of the presence of active substances of plant protection products

Laboratory soil analysis

Analysis of the fertiliser in the laboratory

Authorisation for labelling of wood and wood packaging material prior to heat treatment

Authorisation for the certification of the process of heat treatment of wood packaging material

Manufacture of plant passport and/or label

Amendment of the register of persons involved in the circulation of plants and plant products subject to phytosanitary control

Registration of a Plant Variety License Agreement

Plant protection products user license

Permit for import or sale of a fertilizer not mentioned in regulatory enactments

Special permit (license) for the distribution of plant protection products in the issuance of renewal or cancellation

Notification of the fertiliser

Work plan

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