Latvia – pure environment and quality food

The leitmotif of Latvia as the Fair’s partner country is ‘Enjoy Latvia Slowly’, which characterizes Latvia as one of the greenest countries in the world, inviting each and everyone to slow down, to stop for a while and to enjoy the unhurried rest.

Latvia participates in the Fair as the Presiding state in the Council of the EU.

Our Presidency symbol – the grinding stone – symbolizes labour, stability, development, ability to focus and strive for common values.

Priorities of the Latvian Presidency are improving competitiveness of the EU agricultural products, as well as long-term management of forest and fish resources.

We are proud for our country and traditions, which we still appreciate today!

Latvia is proud of its 494 km long coastline with flat beaches of white sand, shores covered with big and small stones, steep shores, as well as wide seaside meadows. 494 km equals to the distance from Berlin to Dortmund.

Fish hatchery has developed as a traditional and long-standing profession in Latvia, which includes both fishing and fish processing. A high value-added product “Riga Sprats” constitutes more than a half of total exports of the sector. Sprats is a worldwide-recognized brand of Latvia’s fish processing industry.   

Latvia is the fourth forested country in Europe. In older times, ships from Latvian wood sailed across the seas and oceans, introducing the Riga pine to the world. Nowadays, the world also knows the Latvian birch tree, which is used not only in such a modern products as automobiles and tankers, but also in traditional construction and furniture. In Latvia, several generations were brought up on wooden rocking horse, which was also presented to the British Royal family upon the birth of Prince George. Long-term forest management ensures not only wood for the forest industry, at the same time preserving nature’s diversity, but also various options of resort and active tourism.  

Our fertile and uncontaminated soil gives an opportunity for Latvian farmers to cultivate organic raw materials, from which various milk, meet and grain products are produced. Everyone, who wishes to know Latvian traditions, has to try grandfather’s alder wood’s smoked meet or fresh fish. Besides that, one of the Latvia’s most popular dishes are boiled grey peas with pork fat and onions, which was voted as one of the main Latvian meals by foreigners.

Since ancient times, the pride of Latvian cuisine is the countryside rye bread. With its specific taste and flavour, Latvian rye bread cannot be found in any other place in the world.

Latvia can truly be proud of quality and healthiness of its products. Many of our products are produced with the methods of organic agriculture. Combination of traditional methods and modern technologies ensure high quality of the products.  

Latvian berries and fruits are vitamin-rich. We are a great state of cranberries. Many places in the world are acquainted with our delicious and vitamin-rich cranberries in sugar powder.

Latvian honey, which we produce from various wild plants, has a particular taste and value.

We are able to compete with Germans in beer drinking, because brewing is something that we can. In Latvia, we consider beer a national product because not only it is widely used during summer solstice celebrations, but also because our home market consumes 95% of beer produced in Latvia.

While drinking beer in Latvia, we also have snacks such as cheese, dried fish, sausages, smoked meat. Everyone will have the chance to try the snacks at the Latvian National stand because we have brought to the Fair all the products, which go together with beer!

We kindly invite everyone to visit Latvia, which is rich with four distinct seasons – summer, autumn, winter and spring. Latvia is different during each of the seasons making distinct opportunities to enjoy the nature and resort in Latvia. It is possible to flick off snow from spruce branches, to enjoy traditional Latvian autumn drink – fresh birch juice or to wait for the white storks to come from the warm regions. In summer, it is possible to feel the sandy beaches with bare feet and to eat freshly smoked fish or to observe how frost covers the meadows and enjoy gifts of nature in spring.

Rural tourism is the key to the real Latvia during any season and the way, how to enjoy the beautiful nature, delicious goods of the countryside and hospitality slowly.

You are dearly invited to our National stand in which you will be able to try different Latvian milk products, to experience the Latvian rye bread baked according to the ancient recipes and unique exactly for Latvia, to compare different kinds of honey from Latvian meadows and to get acquainted with the imagination of Latvian producers of fruits and vegetables.  Furthermore, you are welcome to try various kinds of Latvian beer, which so perfectly come together with wide variety of products from meat and fish producers.

The Latvian Bank will be present at the Fair with highly evaluated Latvian Euro and Lats design coins. The Latvian Post, on the other hand, has prepared a special stamp in honour of the Fair. In addition, special surprises await the visitors of the Latvian stand.

The Initiative “Baltic Sea culinary routes” – presentation and tasting of the Baltic Sea region countries’ most delicious products – will take place on January 17 at 11:00 AM.

Every day, performance of the post-folk band Rikši. You are welcome to sing along!

The LIDO bistro will pamper the visitors of the stand with Latvia’s heavenly meals served in the exact way in which we enjoy them in Latvia.

We invite everyone to visit the Latvian National stand in the Hall 8.2 at the Berlin’s “Green Week” from January 16 until January 25, 2015.

See you at the Latvian National stand and in Latvia!