The Ministry of Agriculture ensures the development of the policy for trade in live animals and their bio-products (semen, ova, embryos, hatchable eggs) with EU Member States and third countries.

To ensure that the chain of animals and their bio-products comply with veterinary requirements, the national regulatory acts are being drawn up in cooperation with non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders by introducing requirements not regulated in the European Union legislation, options provided to Member States in EU regulations and legal provisions incorporated in EU Directives and Decisions. At the same time, requirements of the national regulatory acts are being analyzed and aligned with international regulatory acts compulsory for Latvia.

The regulatory acts cover veterinary requirements for movement of animals and animal bio-products among EU Member States and the import from third countries, requirements for accompanying documents, procedures for control and monitoring in trade with animals and their bio-products with EU Member States, as well as the procedure for veterinary controls upon importing animals and their bio-products from third countries.

At the same time, transportation of animals are being coordinated in the context of the Agreement with the World Trade Organization on Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (WTO SPS), and with third country regulatory acts and other mandatory documents, covering WTO SPS, coordination is performed through an email specifically established for this purpose: