Endeavour to reach a high level animal protection is one the principal objectives of regulatory acts, governing animal feed chain. The Ministry of Agriculture ensures the development of the policy of animal feed chain in the country.

In the area of animal feed, the national regulatory acts are being prepared in cooperation with non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders, by incorporating requirements not regulated in the European Union legislation, options provided to Member States in EU regulations and legal provisions, covered EU Directives and Decisions. At the same time, requirements of the national regulatory acts are being analyzed and aligned with international regulatory acts compulsory for Latvia.

These regulatory acts have been developed with a view to ensure a high level of feed safety all over the feed chain, starting from the primary feed production and ending with feeding of animals, icl., a minimum hygiene requirements, traceability of feed and feed components at all stages of the feed chain, registration and approval of enterprises, placing feed on the market and its use, labeling and placing on the market of medicinal animal feed.