Application of antimicrobials has facilitated formation and development of microbial resistance, causing considerable hazards for human and animal health. The Ministry of Agriculture aims at facilitating a purposeful and effective restriction of the development and spreading and even eradication of antimicrobial resistance in the sphere of animals health. The Ministry develops and implements the National Action Plan for restriction of antimicrobial resistance and a cautious application of antimicrobials in the area of animal health to ensure a regular AMR monitoring of zoonotic and indicator bacteria.

The Food and Veterinary Service carries out monitoring of zoonotic pathogens and antimicrobial resistance of indicator bacteria in the country in compliance with microorganism resistance control programs, and notifies EFSA on the results obtained.

The Food and Veterinary Service, every year, collects information and notifies the European Medicines Agency on antimicrobial means distributed in the country.

The State scientific institute “Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment “BIOR”” makes laboratory tests on microbial resistance, and it is also the reference laboratory in the area of antimicrobial resistance.