A wide scope research of agricultural soil is ongoing in Latvia for two years. The previous research of agricultural soil has been carried out about 40 years ago and data on soil is mostly outdated or fragmented.  

During the last decades soil research methods have changed, nowadays, various options, offered by digital technologies, are more and more applied in the process of soil research. In the research of Latvia’s peat soil, carried out under the project “Enhancement of sustainable soil resource management in agriculture” (E2SOILAGRI) of the Norway Grants Climate and Environment Program, both the mapping of soil in its classic way has been applied – mapping in field conditions as well as remote sensing and computing have been used that allows obtaining of data on soil sooner, and it is more efficient both in terms of human resources and time.

Therefore, currently obtained research results on Latvia’s peat soil are providing valuable information for all target groups, involved in agriculture, and also updating information on agricultural soil. 

The use of remote sensing data in soil policy making, its management, protection and in other areas, often produce many questions, which we will seek answers for at the videoconference “Assessment of peat soil distribution – modelling, remote sensing and machine learning” that will be held on August 31, 2022 from 11:00 to 13:00 and it will be broadcasted in online platform “Zoom” and websites “Facebook” and “Youtube”. The conference will held be in Latvian and English.

Thanks to the numerous cooperation partners in Latvia, Norway and several EU States, we are able to discuss at the conference the research and experience in application of remote sensing methods, compare classic and digital possibilities in soil research, assess reliability, precision and usage of data, obtained by digital methods as well as to come to the conclusion on co-existence and sinergy of both the methods. At the same time, it is the possibility to share information between the society and research, ensuring a wider dialogue in the society in general.

All interested parties are welcome to participate in the conference!

To register for participation in the videoconference, please fill in the application form.

For a more detailed information, please, contact organizers of the videoconference – Lauris Leitāns, head of the project E2SOILAGRI, +371

Partners of the Ministry of Agriculture in implementation of the Norway Grants Climate and Environment Program 2014 – 2021 “Climate change mitigation, adaptation to them and the environment” in the pre defined project “Enhancement of sustainable soil resource management in agriculture" are Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research, the Latvian Forest Science Institute SILAVA, the State Plant Protection Service and University of Latvia

The planned project budget is EUR 1,83 million, including the Norway grant EUR 1,56 million and EUR 0,27 million - the national co-financing.

Working together for a green Europe!

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