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Receiving restrictions

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Fishing vessels whose overall length equal to or greater than 10 m (cod 8 m), the relevant species of fish in the Baltic sea waters or the Gulf of Riga shall receive an additional authorisation (special permit), which, on the basis of the fishing rights lease specified fishing limits, the annual report approved list of vessels and fishing shall be issued by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Process description

  1. Application submission
    In order to obtain additional authorisation (special permit), Ministry of Agriculture shall submit to the relevant application, accompanied by fishing rights lease contract a copy of the annual report.

  2. Additional pilnavrojuma preparation (special permissions)
    Ministry of Agriculture shall prepare an additional authorisation (special permits).

  3. Additional pilnavrojuma (special permit) Reception
    Merchant additional mandates (special permit) may receive visits by signing the relevant permit the registration journal.

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