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In order to be carried out at sea for the first purchase of fish caught must register with the Ministry of Agriculture and obtain fish buyer registration certificate, which is valid for 3 years from the date of issue.

Process description

  1. Application submission
    The applicant shall submit a submission to the Ministry of Agriculture fish buyer registration, which shall be accompanied by relevant documents and information on the year to the first sale fish or seafood.

  2. Fish buyers registration
    Ministry of Agriculture shall be registered in LZIKIS fish buyers and prepare an authorisation.

  3. Fish buyer registration certificates issued
    Ministry of Agriculture shall be issued by the fish buyer be given marketing authorisation, valid for three years from the date of issue; a certain number of unique sequential serial number for each individual fish to the first sale transaction registration; user identifier (username and password) for the electronic registration of a fish purchase transactions „fishing activities on electronic recording and reporting systems”.

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