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Scientists from the Norwegian Institute for Bioeconomic Research  (NIBIO) were in Latvia from November 6 to 8 to take note of the progress of the Norwegian Financial Instrument project “Enchancement of Sustainable Soil Resource Management in Agriculture”. Aware that the implementation of the soil exploration project is nearing the completion, Geir-Harald Strand, Head of Mission of Norwegian experts, Scientific  Manager of NIBIO Research and Statistics  noted: "The project ends in January 2024, but soil data in Latvia doesn't end in January 2024."

Norwegian experts acknowledged during the third and final mission in Latvia that much progress has been made in collecting and compiling data during the project. But - as in any case, the biggest work to do in this project is to describe, document and incorporate everything that has been done into the results.

Experts emphasized that it is important not to interrupt soil exploration in Latvia in order to ensure continuity with information already obtained and the existing data could be used in the future. This means that a few years later, when you open one of today's documents, you have to understand why such a document was made and what the data in it means.

NIBIO scientists also noted that the project is very extensive and has many different target groups. How to present project results in a way that is understandable and interesting to everyone could be a test.

During a three-day visit to Latvia, NIBIO researchers met with all the project partners and discussed the progress of the work and fulfilment of the project objectives. Norwegian experts made valuable comments and recommendations to help successfully conclude the project with the best possible results. The report on the final mission in Latvia, which will include NIBIO recommendations, will be published by Norwegian experts in December or January 2024.

The project's planned budget is €1.83 million, consisting of €1.56 million of grant funding from Norway and €0.27 million of national co-financing.

The partners of the Ministry of Agriculture in implementation of the pre‑defined project “Enhancement of sustainable soil resource management in agriculture” of the Norway Grants Climate and Environment Program 2014 – 2021 “Climate change mitigation, adaptation to them and the environment” are the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Researchthe Latvian State Forest Research Institute SILAVAthe State Plant Protection Service and the University of Latvia.The project will run until January 31, 2024.

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Public Relations Specialist
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